Local Politics

There are numerous major factions within and around the city of Harrast.

The current Lord of Harrast is a young boy named Japeth. He gained the throne when his father passed away two years ago. Since he his not yet of age, he is advised by two regents, his elder sister Sarna, and his uncle Pol. Sarna and Pol both seek the to be the power on the throne and attempt to manipulate Japeth to their own agendas.

The surfacer dwarves are led by Grandmaster Politician Brom Stone-heart. At 473 he is the youngest known politician to reach grandmaster status. He manages the mines in the cliffs beneath the Keep, as well as trade with Kor Baraz in the south.

The city elves are led by an enigmatic woman ho goes by the name Caerna. Not much is known about her except that she states that she represents the interests of the elves from Karradas forest within the city.

The local catherdral and chapter of the Church of the Sun-Goddess is led by Arch-Cleric Hanna. She was born into and raised by the church and is a candidate for the position of Exarch (leader of the whole church) should the current one pass away. She preaches tolerance towards mages, and attempts to understand and communicate with them, unlike most of her peers.

The local chapter of the Order of Magi is led by Archmage Kelgar, a reclusive man who hasn’t been seen in five years, although magical messages bearing his seal still make their way down the tower.

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Local Politics

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